Fatherhood with Vaughn


Jun 01 2016


To mark Father’s Day—the third Sunday in June when children gift their dads ties and handmade “World’s Greatest” coffee mugs and adults reflect upon the influence that their pop has had on them—V76 took a minute to honor those behind the chair who come from a long line of hard working hairdressers. Vaughn’s father, to whom he attributes his confidence, strength and swagger, ventured into barbering as a second career, and as clearly evidenced, Vaughn picked up this ability to make magic with his hands. “It always interests me when I find a barber who comes from generations of barbers before him,” said Vaughn. “I want to learn how they found themselves in the same career. Was it from watching their father or grandfather be successful, was it nostalgia for the shop they grew up in or was it a business decision since they know guys will always need to be groomed?”

After taking, what turned out to be, a forever hiatus from Ohio State University, Vaughn attended beauty school in Columbus, falling in love with the idea that this skill could take him anywhere. And take him places it has—from behind the scenes of photo shoots to the White House, Vaughn has created something from nothing. It is this drive and passion that Vaughn hopes to pass down to his own children, Zane and Zoe. “Whenever there is anything major going on with the company, I insist that the kids come. I want to make sure that they understand that success takes hard work, focus, risk, and a team of great people.”

In addition to celebrating his father’s achievements in business, Zane, who has chosen to forgo the barbering life for economics and statistics, has picked up his musical abilities from his dad. A seasoned drummer, Vaughn wanted Zane to speak the language of music, and while he didn’t find it with the sticks, he is discovering his musical voice through guitar and singing. “Passing the baton is an interesting thing. What you love either hits your kids in a place where they have talent and want to run with it or it doesn’t. Either way, I hope I pass on something they can learn to love.”

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By V76

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