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Jun 08 2016

Weekend Getaway Essentials

As we cruise on into the summer months, V76’s Grooming Guide is calling shotgun. And, in order to get the lowdown on must-pack grooming essentials for any weekend getaway, we reached out to expert barber and V76 educator Manny Rolon. From beach-bum days to bonfire nights, we’ve got you covered as soon as those coveted summer Fridays begin. So get away and be sure to bring these ten essentials with you.

1. Scalp Cleanse
Always pack Energizing Shampoo and Energizing Conditioner for post-workout. Even if you don't break a sweat on your vacation, who knows how crazy the weekend can get. You’ll want to keep a cleanse close by.

2. Sun Protection
Vitamin D is imperative for a healthy body, but being burnt to a crisp is not only uncomfortable, but also extremely dangerous. If you plan to be out in the sun all day, whether lounging by the pool or taking in America’s pastime, take care of yourself by applying and re-applying sunscreen.

3. Nail Care Kit
It’s time for a serious conversation—Flip Flops and unkempt Frodo Baggins feet do not mix. You don’t need a pedicure to nix gnarly toenails, just be sure to throw in a pair of clippers, a nail file and—if we’re getting really crazy—a pumice stone for those neglected heels.

4. Easy Styler
As much as minimalism is appreciated on a weekend getaway, dehydrated, fluffy and flat, undone hair is not. Tex Texturizing Paste is a good one to keep around because of its versatility and ease of use. Put it in dry hair for a matte finish with plenty of texture and hold, or put it in wet air for a subtle polish.

5. Face Wash
Although bar soaps and bath gels are easy to reach for, the skin on the face is sensitive and requires specific cleansers. Never leave for an overnight without face wash in hand.

6. Moisturizing Cream
Leave the dry skin at home and make sure to moisture up. This is especially important after a day at the beach or in the pool as the sun, sand and chlorine will dry skin out. Pack two kinds of moisturizers for optimal softness—one for face and one for body.

7. Facial Hair Grooming Kit
While not every guy sports a beard, mustache or stubble, facial hair is something that needs to be tackled almost every day—even if this means shaving it off completely. And, if you do have some serious facial fuzz going on, be sure to pack the kit just in case. A weekend away might be the perfect time for a change.

8. Refresher
Weekends away are all about rolling out of bed, but before you head for the door, spray Tonic Hair & Scalp from roots to end and run your fingers through your hair to reawaken and rework last night’s products. The added benefit of Tonic’s crisp, clean smell almost makes it like you showered.

9. Lip Care
The last thing you want when meeting new people in a new place is chapped lips. Whether you’re catching some rays or out riding the old hog, keep ultra-nourishing Lip Balm in your bag, or better yet, in your pocket.

10. Beard Oil
Beard wearers…this one is for you. Keep a healthy shine to your beard by using a pump or two of Beard Oil. The last thing you want while away is a frizzy face.

By V76

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