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Aug 26 2019

Attention to Detail

How would you describe your own personal style?
I have a ponytail. I have a beard. I dress very comfortably. If I feel comfortable then I can make other people feel comfortable. When I’m working, it’s all about the other person.

Did you always pay attention to hair and style—even as a kid?
I was into hip hop and basketball culture. I had an older brother and an older sister and they knew all the music. They coached me. They taught me the running man. Haircuts always interested me…the spiky hair, the fade. I was always intrigued by haircuts on basketball players, specifically Anthony Mason. He was a player for the New York Knicks, and had really cool new designs almost every week. Anything that happened to be cool caught my eye.

Are you going to change your look anytime soon?
A ponytail is a very efficient look for me right now. Eventually it’ll come off. I’ll get it short. I’ll cut the sides down and slick the top back. It would take me a couple of hours but I can cut my own hair. I have a lot of dents and shapes and I’m very picky. I don’t want to put anyone through that.

What advice do you have for men on how to develop their own personal style or look?
Don’t be scared to try new things but you’ve got to be realistic too. You can’t go from Homer Simpson to Brad Pitt. Always be realistic and honest with yourself. Find a good groomer—a barber that you feel comfortable achieving a look with. It may not happen overnight but when it does it’ll be all worth it.

What are some hair trends that you love right now?
A lot of textured looks, fringe, bangs, nice high bald fades. In general, a longer top with a tighter side. People are receding and to combat [that], you fade the sides. It gives the illusion of more hair on top. It’s the contrast. Also, the 360 wave cut. I like that one a lot.

What’s happening with facial hair right now? What trends are you noticing?
The chin strap has to go. No chin strap. I like a full beard, lined up right below the neckline, not along the jaw line. The beard looks fuller when it’s lined up along the neckline. I always like a goatee—the mixture of cleanliness and ruggedness is a fantastic look.

Speaking of trends, the hair portrait of Michelle Obama that you shaved into someone’s head went viral last year. How do you create hair portraits?
It was my last year in Cleveland and this guy Nolan wanted a hair portrait. He’s an artist too. He’s got a good eye. I guess there was some humor to it. It took about 3 hours and he loved it. I did my first hair portrait when I was 17 years old. I guess it was my graffiti background [that helped]. You’ve got to adapt. You have to look at proportion. Sculpting is like that. It’s about precision, adding and removing. I see and I remove where I need to take away. You can’t teach that.

In your opinion, which celebrities have the best style--hair and otherwise?
I like the Black Panther’s [hair cut] with the natural widows peak. Maverick Carter and Jay Z with the dreadlocks. And I prefer a natural look over a slightly forced look. A natural hairline will look good longer. I like to make the hair cut last. If I give someone a line up, it looks nice for three or four days, but then it’s going to grow back and need to be cut again.

What are some essential hair products every guy should have?
I use V76 across the board because it’s so versatile. I [work with] many different ethnicities and I always use V76. If you want to texturize or curl your hair, I use Natural Wax. It’s really good for 360 waves. I also love Texture Clay because it gives thin hair a thicker appearance, and if you put it on curly hair, it helps to curl the hair even more.

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